What's My Body Type

At Ninety60Ninety, we understand that each individual has a unique silhouette. Embrace your individual shape and use our Body Type Guide to find the best swimwear fit for you.

Because one size does not fit all, we have created a collection that celebrates the variety of body characteristics. Whether you have an inverted triangle, an hourglass, a pear, a rectangle, or a rounded shape, our thoughtfully designed swimwear will make you feel confident, comfortable, and effortlessly stylish.

Explore our carefully curated selections and embark on a journey to find swimsuits that highlight your unique features. Because, at Ninety60Ninety, we believe that every body deserves the perfect fit.


Bust and shoulder measurements within half an inch from the hips, defined waist, and round thighs.

Recommended swimsuits:

One-piece models include integrated chest support.
Bikini, Sets that maintain balance.
Tops, Tie neck, crop top, bandeau, removable straps, sweetheart neckline.
High-waisted, fixed bottoms - Moderate color patterns that accentuate the waist.
Colors that are similar on top and bottom for balance.

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Inverted Triangle

Shoulders wider than hips, athletic look.

Recommended swimsuits:

One-piece, asymmetrical, cut-out monokinis.
Bikini with mismatched top and bottom.
Top styles include choker straps, wide straps, round or square necklines.
Bottoms, Wider, shorts with embellishments (ruffles, tassels).
Patterns, Soft on top, bold on bottom (for one-pieces, feminine patterns or solid colors).
Colors: Bright at the bottom, calmer and darker on top.

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Triangle or Pear Shaped

Hips wider than shoulders, resembling a pear.

Recommended swimsuits:

One-piece, Features side cutouts, padded tops, frills, ruffles, and tassels on the bust.
Bikini, Mix and match.
Top styles include push-up, balconette, halter, ruffles, frills, off-shoulder, bandeau, and bardot.
Bottoms, Fixed, trendy, solid colors, darker shades.
Patterns, Upper part only, eye-catching prints to highlight best features.
Colors, Bright top colors for volume; solid, darker bottom colors.

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Rectangle boy shape

Rectangle Body Shape

Even distribution between hips and shoulders.

Recommended swimsuits:

One-piece, Monokinis with side cutouts, padded tops, frills, ruffles, tassels for bust and bottom.
Tops, Push-up, balconette, scarf bikini tops with ruffles and frills.
Bottom, Tied at the sides, skirt bottoms, ruffles, frills.
Patterns, optical illusion for waistline, elastic bands, visible belts, eye-catching colors and patterns.
Colors, Bright colors for the volume effect.

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Rounded Body Type

Rounded body with a fuller figure.

Recommended swimsuits:

One-piece, Underwired styles with thick straps.
Bikinis, Mix and match or tankini options
Tops, Underwired with thick straps (also available in tankini version)
Bottoms, Wider side or high waist, some with an integrated elastic waistband.
Patterns, Calm on top, eye-catching on bottom, and no patterns on belly.
Colors, Eye-catching on bottom, calmer on top and stomach, preferably dark.

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