Introducing Our Try Before You Buy Service: Experience Swimwear Shopping Like Never Before

Introducing Our Try Before You Buy Service: Experience Swimwear Shopping Like Never Before

At ninety60ninety, we feel that swimwear is more than simply a piece of clothing; it's a statement of confidence, self-expression, and uniqueness. Our brand is dedicated to supporting diversity and body positivity, with a variety of styles to suit all body types and sizes. We take an unabashed approach to ensuring that everyone can select swimwear that makes them feel comfortable and gorgeous.

We are excited to present our new Try Before You Buy service, which will further enhance your buying experience. This innovative option allows you to choose up to three swimsuits from our collection, try them on in the comfort of your own home, and pay only for the ones you want. Simple, convenient, and stress-free!

How It Works

Choose Your Top Picks: Choose up to three swimsuits to try on. Select the size you desire for each item.

Delivery Right to Your Door: The chosen swimwear will be delivered right to your home by our courier. The driver will communicate over WhatsApp to stay in touch with you in order to make sure the delivery goes smoothly.

At-Home Try-On: You can try on the swimsuits in the comfort of your own home for ten minutes while the courier waits. This gives you an idea of the fabric and style as well as how they fit in various lighting conditions. Please make sure you are at home during this time!

Decide and pay: After deciding which bikinis you want to keep, pay for them plus a little delivery fee. Provide the payment to our courier directly; they will be waiting for you.

Give the Rest Back: Please return any swimsuit you decide not to keep back to our courier. It really is that easy!

Why Try Before You Buy?

Buying swimwear can be an intimidating task at times. Our aim with our Try Before You Buy service is to take the worry out of buying and provide you a more laid-back, pleasurable experience.

This is why you will love it:

  • Convenience: Try on swimwear without the stress of a retail fitting room in the convenience of your own home.
  • Self-assurance: Verify the swimsuits' ideal fit by observing how they seem and feel in your surroundings.
  • Flexibility: Make confident decisions that you'll adore dressing by taking your time and not hurrying into things.

Our goal at ninety60ninety is to make buying for swimwear as pleasurable and fulfilling as we can. One of the ways we work to provide you with the greatest possible customer experience is through our Try Before You Buy offering.

Explore Our Selection

Discover the elegance and coziness of our Margarita Capsule, which perfectly captures the confidence and allure of Latin women in general and Margarita women in particular. Women are urged by this collection to love their curves and feel strong, attractive, and self-assured. The Margarita Capsule from 906090 is a celebration of diversity, culture, and the classic beauty of curvaceous women rather than merely a swimsuit.

Why then wait? With our Try Before You Buy service, you can enjoy the ease of selecting the ideal swimsuit from the comfort of your home. Enter the colorful world of Margarita and allow ninety60ninety to assist you in proudly and confidently showcasing your distinctive curves.


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